Jun 8, 2013

#42. Crsystal Clear

It is that scent that refuses to go away-
The olfactory signature of your presence.
Of all the senses we had been blessed with,
I am reassured by the sense of smell.
And I am never de-sensitized, never at all.
The sensation gets more intense by passing time.
And it tricks my mind, like MSG, like aspertame,
For in your absence, I still feel you with every inhale.
It feels like streaks of electric blue
And shards of neon pink
And a whole lot of antique wood and stainless steel.
Sometimes it feels like newspaper,
or some brand new notebook and a rustic diary.
On rare instances it feels very organic,
Like some unidentifiable fruit that I seem to know,
and even at times it feels like the scent plastic burning,
Like soil on a rainy day, and even snow.

Jun 7, 2013

#41. On Tax Exemptions and A New Boyfriend

I'm still struggling with the absence of my personal laptop. I am also struggling with the absence of a working TV set, cable network and a reliable internet connection in my Makati home. Good thing I have a very fun neighborhood that keeps me entertained more than TV or The Internet can. I am semi-struggling with the bigger role I am taking in my not-so-new job. And for the past five days, I've been struggling to ward off an impending sore through/cough. 

Well, I've been struggling living with HIV for half a year now, and all the shit it entails. Seems like I've been struggling a lot lately, but really, I'm happy to announce, someone's struggling with me- my new love.