Aug 11, 2013

#45. On These So-Called Gatherings

Recently I’ve been attending these poz gatherings, and it’s fun actually. 

Way back, when I hear “poz gathering” it sort of sounds like an occult rendezvous where there are human sacrifices to be made. It’s like an underground meeting meant to revive a fallen devil. 

Turns out that it’s not. It’s just like any other gathering where we get to meet other people. Nevermind the fact that we’re all diseased, it’s just really a great way to see other people of our kind.

Aug 4, 2013

#44. CD4 Counts and Friends

So My CD4 count rose 104% higher than the previous count six months ago. Not bad, considering that mine, versus a normal person’s is still deficient by over 80%. Still, I attribute the astonishing rise to a handful of very good people who have helped me get back to where I am right now. I owe a large chunk of this rise to my newfound friends who have assisted me along the way, and have showered me with unexpected trust and affection. Friends who, in such a short time, have laughed with me beyond compare, over the mundanest of things. Friends who have been confidantes and confession booths that I could always talk to and drag along in moments of idleness, sadness and happiness.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a boyfriend who I love so much and has loved me back in ways I (never) imagined. One who has spoken and expressed a hundred percent less than I do, but still manages to get the emotions through and through. One who has always been there in so many ways than one.

And for all these, I owe these counts to all of you. I cannot help but feel so blessed and re-affirm the thought that indeed, life is still so worth it and beautiful despite all the shit we go through, hourly, daily, weekly, yearly, momentarily.

To all my friends- kulam and non-kulam alike, thank you so much. Some of you might never really come across this literature, but somewhere, somehow I’ll get the message through. May we all live longer to see Shake Rattle and Roll 34, Iphone 19, Samsung Galaxy s24 and Ipad mini33.

I love you all.