Jul 14, 2013

#43. Sunday at the Office

Im not dead. I just grew very busy lately, and I still don’t have my own laptop. I’m composing this entry in the office while working on a Sunday afternoon.

I work on Sundays, and I kinda like it. I made this schedule, and it favors me. There’s a lot less to do during Sundays, and it allows me to be one step ahead for a very manic Monday. Ideally, I would have resolved all pending issues of yesterday in time for the start of the business week. So far, so good.

So I’ve been idle for a month or more, and there’s a lot that has happened. First, I ditched my iPhone in favor of a Samsung galaxy S4. I also ditched my old network and signed up with the competitor. I can’t believe I’ve been with the other all my life, and clearly, life’s a lot better with my new network. I repainted my room in Makati because the original room color reminded me of hospital walls. So I decided to paint it with a darker light grey/brown shade to achieve a more homey and cozy atmosphere, and I love it! Leah and Jep have also moved in to our new Makati home, so there’s the four of us now: Myself, Ave Maria, Leah and Jep. It’s playhouse all over again, only this time in the Binay turf.

Ganito kami sa Makati.

Oh, and I love Sky Broadband! The speeds are consistent! I cannot express my delight enough! I’m getting obsessed speedtesting every now and then.

On the heavier side, I am now 175 lbs. But the jury is split- Some say that the weight gain is not noticeable, but some claim that it is. Nevertheless, I need to bring back my weight to less than 20 pounds it is now. I don’t know how to do that, but I need to get there. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to the thought that I am overweight, and It frightens me!

Lately I’ve been doing some financial projections. I am now at the point where I finally need to make up my mind whether to stick here or really stick somewhere else- that is, grow this career in this sinful industry or go back to the airline (I found out they don’t do HIV testing for local airlines). The drawback is a flat salary for the 15 years, and potentially a retirement age at the age of 40.

What would I do after 40, given the fact that I might still be alive then. I honestly don’t know, so might as well just grow this corporate career and gamble some more.

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